Michelle (toxicluv22) wrote in anti_mka,

face it.

face it.
mary-kate and ashley olsen are hot, rich, and talented..

no matter how much you deny it you can't fight the facts. SAy all you want blah blah blah. You can't fight the facts. You may supposedly "think" they are ugly, but they are probably prettier and richer than you will ever be.

someone asked why can't i be famous? i'm short and ugly.

Mary-Kate and Ashley do work hard. they don't sit at a computer and whine about how other people are prettier, more talented, etc. than them. if you were a fan you would know that they do more than put a picture on items.don't act like a smartass when your not even a fan.

if they are SUCH bad actresses why are they making so much money? why do theyhave an empire of 300 million dollars.?. they are talented and some people (like myself) enjoy watching their movies which i think are very cute and funny. don't bash them out for being twins. you are close minded people. there are some twins that don't like to dress the same, and some that do. deal with it.

the reason why they are famous isn't because there parents were making money off of them because they were twins. As stated in their official biography. The parents were going to send them to a modeling agency because they were beautiful babies...the director of full house was going to use this other baby for michelle but instantly fell inl ove with them and saw they had potential.

don't state shit when you don't know shit.

The only way I'll take everything I said back is if you become a great actress with n empire worht over 150 million.

You dont have to like them, but say what you really think. Not everybody you hate has to be ugly and untalented. FAce the facts they are HOT and TALENTED.

if u think thats ugly you need to go to a doctor.
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