brandi a.k.a. BITCHPIG (hottpink_crayon) wrote in anti_mka,
brandi a.k.a. BITCHPIG


it pisses me off how some people in this community are telling we are jealous of the olsen twins because we dont like them and their richer than them and blah blah. just because we hate someone doesnt mean we are jealous of them. i hate bin laden, but does that make me jealous of him? NO! and im a fan of other teen actresses. like emma watson. and when i go to anti emmawatson sites, i dont go on there saying WHAT DID SHE EVER DO TO YOU and shit, because i respect their opinions and im mature in that matter. i go to them for laughter, because it amuses me, im still a of her, but some of the things they say are funny.
so when i hate someone, its not because i am jealous of them, its because i really dont like them. which is true. but u olsen twin fans need to understand we have our opnions, and if people can make olsen twin fan clubs, then we can make olsen twin hate clubs. simple as that. and you cant change our opinions. so get over the fact that we dont like them, i respect the fact u like them , and im not going to fan clubs and saying how much they suck.

yeah im done

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