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if we all cry at the same time tonight

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You anti-mka fans are all acting like children. You know, since my older brother's ex-girlfriend got banned from the Internet and everything, basically this community has stopped with its purpose. Like my brother said, it was just a community created because he thought that they were hot.

Who fucking cares if they're pretty? Who fucking cares if they are rich? It shouldn't bother you. What you're feeling isn't hate for them, what you're feeling is "oh i'm so jealous i wish I could be as rich and pretty as them." Grow up. Just because someone comes in and says that they support the twins, you guys don't all have to start commenting on flames just because he's expressing his opinion just like every one of you are.

Now, I may not be an Olsen fan. But, I figured out myself that the reason why I was in this community in the first place was because I was JEALOUS. I didn't hate them. If you really want to see why, read my good-bye page. I'm disgusted at all of this "OMG HE'S A PERV!!!11!!!!1!" shit directed at my brother just because he's saying his own opinion. Grow up.
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