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Learn New Words. Every. Day.

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Some girl at my school (Not a very smart girl) said to me ‘They’re the world’s richest youngest self-made girls’!

I have a big problem with that. Not with their income, but with the use of the words ‘Self-made’. They are SO not self made. Their parents shoved them into the media when they were babies. And now the ... girls are making money through a genre of films I can only define as this:
That should be a word. If Cleopatra Jones was blacksploitation then this is twinsploitation. The literal use of this new word is ‘The excessive and degrading use of the fact that an embryo split into two during fertilization to make money, despite the negative repercussions on others of the same situation.’

My Friends Adonis and Aeolus-Demi (21 Year old Twins, practically raised me, bless them) can testify as to the horrors Twinsploitation brings. 'Oh! Twins! Cool' They get that a lot. It's gross. It's annoying. The olsens encourage this, but it's unsure whether they know or not. ... or care.

When is it Twinsploitation?
Twinsploitation takes a while to be recognized. When a person is still 16 and dressing up in the same outfits as their twin, but of their own free will and not for a one-day twin convention, that might be an inkling. Taking monetary or novelty advantage excessively in degrading forms includes:
-Switching places on a semi-regular basis for laughs
-Saying things at the same time (Purposely) for the novelty value
- Never EVER being apart, if it can be done
-Still dressing alike past the age of 16

It’s bad enough when done in everyday life, but when it’s done for money it gives other twins a bit of a resentment. How’d YOU like being thought of as ‘wow, that person and the identical sibling of that person would be good in bed’? Unless you’re a raging narcissist... ugh . My sister and I could pass for twins and I'd have to literally maul anyone who threw that comment at me.
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